With your approval, a legal action will be commenced on any claim that cannot be collected by conventional procedures and meets our pre-legal criteria.

An attorney or agency to whom an account or accounts are forwarded as herein authorized, is to act in his professional capacity in your behalf and shall be subject at all times to your direct control.

No suit shall be commenced without your prior authorization. If legal action is necessary, there may be additional charges by the attorney, such as court costs and suit fees. Marel Associates will always negotiate the suit fee to be as low as possible for our client. However, since court costs are necessary monies that go directly to the courts and process server, they are not negotiable expenses. Depending on the laws of a particular state, court costs advanced by the client may be fully recoverable upon obtaining a judgment. The attorney fees and court costs are entirely separate and distinct from our fees. On consumer claims only, the agency will lay out all court costs and if required, suit fees needed to commence a law suit against the debtor. Agency shall be entitled to immediate reimbursment of all costs and fees laid out and shall have the right to offset costs and fees laid out from payments received by our office.

Once a case is given to counsel, the role of Marel Associates is to be the "gatekeeper". We constantly monitor the attorney to make sure he is pursuing the case diligently and efficiently. We are the go between whenever documents, information and money need to go back and forth between attorney and client and visa versa. In addition, we make sure they are processed, returned expediently and tracked. We provide the attorney with assets for post judgment executions and constantly update them with information on the debtor's location, financial condition, etc, so that the litigation process can be moved along without delays. Marel Associates participation in this process, is an invaluable service.